IT Sound Albert Świączkowski

Web Developer, SEO/SEM Specialist

About me and us

I have been dealing with broadly understood internet marketing since I was 13-14, when I was running a free entertainment blog for young people of my age :) The next steps were to broaden my knowledge on issues related to building websites. At the beginning, I realized several projects for my relatives and myself. Meanwhile, WordPress came out and I focused on this tool. I also have experience with CMS systems such as Joomla or Prestashop and others. However, I prefer WP, because of its intuitiveness and accessibility for the client, and for regular updates. In 2012, I started my adventure with positioning. The next step was over 5 years of work in a professional SEO agency, where I learned to take care of good practices by following the ongoing changes of algorithms. I also got to know the 'dark' side of positioning ... As of today, I run SEO and SEM campaigns as well as FB and Google Ads for large and small companies. I work with professionals in the field of internet marketing to provide services at the highest level for our clients.

How can we help?

We will take care of the image of your company or brand from the very beginning. We will adapt to your needs while providing advice and pursuit of specific goals. We monitor, analyze and optimize activities on an ongoing basis to take full advantage of the opportunities.

We will take care of your company's image on the Internet:

Web Design business card, portal, extensive website, e-commerce SEO audit, optimization, positioning Google Ads campaign preparation, service, optimization
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